Nenge Mishou   2011~2012

Nenge Mishou is a word of Zen.

There is a story we call nengemisho(u) (pick up flower, subtle smile). This story is about the transmission of Buddhism from Buddha to Kasho(u). Buddha silently held a up a lotus blossom for his disciples. As the others waited for the sermon of Buddha to begin, Kasho smiled. Buddha then recognized him in front of all others as having truly received the tradition, and he was henceforth known as Makakasho.
This transmission was wordless not resting on words or sacred texts, but a transmission outside the scriptures.

Ausstellung-Exhibition 2018

29. May - 15.June 2018

The 12th International Biennial

Contemporary Textile Art Exhibition....SCYTHIA fiber art

in Ukraine



27. Okt.- 11.Nov. 2018

Schlosskeller Fraubrunnen







14. 15. Okt. 2017

uniQart im Quadrat



1.-25. Juni 2017

19.International Mini-TextileExhibition in Bratislava


14. - 30. April 2017

Alte Krone Biel-Bienne




update : 20. 1. 2018