Noriko Steiner-Obata

born in Oita, Japan

1976 – 1982   Practice and Work at Yuzen Kimono (Japanese traditional silkpainting ) Atelier in  Kyoto.

Since 1986  living and working in Switzerland

Since 1997   learn at several art courses and self-education of modeling and Textile


2004  Max-Oscar-Arnold Preize for the best adult representation

2014  Max-Oscar-Arnold Preize for The best overall work of an established artist


2017  19th International Mini Textile Exhibition „Neaby –Faraway“ in Slovakia

2018  12th International Biennial Comtemporary Textile Art SCYTHIA in Uklaine


Ausstellung-Exhibition 2019

10. - 27. Okt. 2019

Kulturmühle Lyss





update : 25. Dec. 2018