Noriko Steiner-Obata


Born in Oita, Japan

since 1986 in Switzerland
She trained a traditional technique of dye and hand-painting for Kimono in Kyoto.
In Switzerland, she has been modeling and creating doll figures, apart from the traditional Japanese dolls, she developed her own unique pieces.
2014   Max-Oscar-Arnold-Award - Contemporary Doll Art in Germany  
           "The best complete works of an established artist“

In the last few years, she has been working on own textile creation and actively participates in international exhibitions.

* Selected:
2017  The 19th International Mini Textile Art exhibition in Slovakia
2018 The 12th International Textile Art exhibition “Scythia 12” in Ukraine

2019 The 9th International Mini Textile Art exhibition "Scythia" in Ukraine

2020 Teximus 3



28. Aug. - 19. Sep. 2020

Raku-Galerie in Winterthur


15. - 18. Oct. 2020

Teximus 3








update : 4. Juli, 2020