Tama Shizume

The big catastrophe on March 11th in the north of Japan has affected me very deeply.

-Tama is soul, shizme is shizumeru, sorry to make it calm down.

Nenge Mishou

Nenge Mishou - Zen Worte- to understand each other without words


-One day when the Buddha silently twisted a flower, people could not understand the meaning of it, but only venerable Kasho understood the meaning and smiled back to him. So Buddha taught the Dharma method of Zen to Kasho.

It means without any words, to understand each other from the heart to heart.

The word "Nenge" means to twist a flower. "Misho" means smile.

Kannon  Bosatsu

Kannon (skt. Avalokiteshvara) is the best known Bodhisattva figure in Buddhism. Bodhisattvas (jap. bosatsu) are intermediary figures, similar to Christian saints, who are especially interested in helping people and all other sentient beings to enlightenment.
Kannon has in various forms, as the situation requires.

Ausstellung - Exhibition 2021


2. - 30. October. 2021

UniQart , CH-2560 Nidau

Hauptstrasse 43, 2560 Nidau



18. June - 28. August 2021

The 7th Triennial of Textile Arts

Art Gallery Szombathely,


 *3D Virtual Tour of exhibition






1. - 20. Dec. 2020

TexpoART International Triennal

of Textile Arts in Romania

Victoria and Theodor Pallady

Art Galleries Iasi, Romania


15. - 18. Oct. 2020

Teximus 3


Unter Altstadt 14

6300 Zug



27. Aug. - 19. Sep. 2020

Raku-Art Galerie

Tösstalstrasse 14, 

8400  Winterthur











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